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About East End Life

East End Life is all about community. It's all about neighbours getting to know neighbours. Supporting local business, participating in local events and community based initiatives .... creating a safe and connected neighbourhood is what it’s all about.


It really does take a Village!

From the casual sophistication of the Beach to the trendiness of hip Leslieville and all the communities in between, discover or rediscover your love of East End Life in Toronto and follow along.... and maybe share YOUR story of East End Life!

It can be whacky and wild .... but this is East End Life.

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East End Life founder Cori Endrody is a Real Estate sales veteran  with Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.

If you’re interested in Toronto’s East End Real Estate, feel free to reach out.  We’re happy to help!


We aren’t just Realtors, we’re Neighbours!

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