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New City. New Business. New Man. New Home. New Life. Yup, that about sums it up. All that in just over 3 years. WOW I can hardly believe that myself. My business is real estate, and moving cities/markets is a challenge at the best of times, let alone every other aspect of your life changing simulateously. This is a blog, not about real estate sales, but about how a West End Girl adapts to the new life with her East End Boy. It's about my discovery of a city that I've always loved and wanted desperately to live and work in and about a rediscovery of the vibrant Beach community for my love, Kevin. It's funny when you've lived somewhere for almost 20 years how you can forget how amazing and exciting your community can be.

I'm excited to have you along for the adventure as I discover the Beach, Leslieville, The Danforth, Birchcliffe, Cliffiside .... and many other little communities within the East End of Toronto. These are vibrant and very different little cities within a city! Maybe along the way you will rediscover the community you call home as well! I'm bringing along "L'il Cori" and "Kev" - our alter egos! They offer a slightly different view of the adventure -- I admit they are sometimes a little outspoken and rebellious at times (***Cori and Kevin take NO responsibility for the actions or rantings of L'il Cori and Kev**). All in good fun!

So this inaugural post is about the background of how I got here - in more ways than one! So here goes ......

Do you remember the old Brady Bunch theme song?

"... it's a story of a lovely lady? .... then one day the lovely lady met this fellow ... and they knew it was much more than a hunch ....."

Well that's kind of how this story - my story - begins. Before each new beginning, there is always an ending. I had just left a 26 year marriage. I was living with my parents (OMG, can you believe at my age?) and wondering what the next chapter was going to look like. It was frightening I admit but I had supportive parents, kids, sister and large network of friends that I had, admittedly, sort of alienated myself from. I buried my head in work with my then business partner. It was ..... a mess. Financially, mentally, emotionally. So how, at the tender age of 50 something do you start all over again? It ain't easy, that I'll freely admit. But what's the alternative? EXACTLY. Like many people out there, you have to take the good from what was, let go and forgive the past and move the hell on! It's much harder than it sounds, but I began to make small changes - the usual ones - started back at the gym, tried to stay engaged and busy, sought out new places and people to network with, bought a new wardrobe .... and wondered if and when there would ever be a chance at love again. Was I too "set in my ways"? Ugh ... forget it. Too much hassle. So a friend of mine suggested I start with the innocuous online dating scene. I mean, really, where the hell does a gal of my age meet a potential companion? A bar ... hell no! The gym ... puleez! Work ... disaster! So... what other option is there?


I sooooooo didn't want to do this .... but life has to go on and frankly, it would have been nice to have someone to go to dinner with or go to a movie with. My, how the list of must haves changes as you get older! lol!

Nevertheless, fast forward slightly to after about a month on the nightmare of dating sites where every 65+ senior troll and 20-something gold diggers (THAT one made me laugh the hardest) were flooding my email. Clearly these sites are seriously short of women! Trying to get off these sites can be daunting... there seems to be endless hoops to jump through just to get the nightmare to stop!!!!! But for some strange reason before I found how to get myself off of the last site, I decided to swipe one more time. URBAN DWELLER. hmmmm..... no idea why ..... but I found myself typing "hey" .....and no Kevin it wasn't "heeeeeeeyyyyyy" ... and that, my friends, was the beginning of the next chapter. I never looked back.

My children all settled in beginning their own lives. I left my native Brampton. I left my business partner. It was a gamble for sure. A super great guy who's a single dad with a thriving entrepreneurial business. I asked myself this - "why not?" "it's time to live for yourself and be happy". So here I am. Toronto's Beach community. Working as a solo agent. In a new brokerage. In a new market. Some say crazy. But... I'm too old to care what other people think.

It's been almost 3 1/2 years and I'm still learning about this awesome community.... still working the west end business, but making efforts include my own neighbourhood in my area of business.

I love the Beach. I love the vibe, the energy, the friendliness, the small town feel. I love it all. This is East End Life. I hope you join along on my adventure of discovery.

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