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Where's Mary Alice 2.0?

Enter to win!

Where’s Mary Alice is back.


Over the winter, Mary Alice did a little bit of historical research and found some interesting locations in the east end, from Riverside and Riverdale, to Birchcliff and Leaside and many in between. She has come up with something a little more challenging than last time.  


Every Monday, beginning July 4 to the week of August 22,  we will post the "picture"  of the "mystery location" on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.   On the Wednesday of each week, we will post a "hint" and on Friday's we will post the reveal with more information about the "surprise' location.  

Entries will be received for each week's contest (no entries will be accepted after each Friday).   Each week a winner will be chosen from the correct answers and will receive a FREE East End Life T-shirt.   

Week #1 - July 4 - July 8

Thanks for Playing!
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